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Selection Guide

People are getting more and more conscious of the importance of a good mattress and pillow for everyday life. The right choice of these products notoriously improves the quality of living. That what makes our products unique is their design, orientated to provide high comfort and pleasure. Key factors here are shaping, quality and the kind of foam which is chosen for each product. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes aiming at fulfilling the requirements of most people’s needs. So, how to choose the right product that meets your needs? First of all, you have keep in mind that your pillow choice should be linked to the mattress you use, and vice versa.

Each of our different pillow models, include a brief recommendation concerning the kind of support provided. That could be: soft, medium or firm (hard).

Soft pillow or firm pillow?

If your mattress is a firm (hard) one, then it would be convenient to choose a low heighten soft pillow. In case of having / buying a soft mattress we recommend a higher and firm (hard) pillow.

For those people having column or cervical problems, it’s convenient to go for a firm (hard) mattress and a soft pillow. If this is your case, we recommend the Sensorial® Pad with a contoured Sensorial® cervical pillow, that, in addition has four different positions (see schematics). In case of choosing this line of pillows, the width of the shoulders must be taken into account. And maybe you should even consider to choose the King size standard. But please keep in mind that King size also provides a harder support than the standard model.

Nevertheless, we always suggest consult your personal physician, if needed, before taking the final decision. Finally, regardless the above mentioned suggestions, we understand that the choice of a pillow is a deeply personal one. So while someone will go for a firm support someone else will go for soft. Or for higher or lower, bigger or smaller pillows. But truth is that any of those decisions and quite different preferences are perfectly valid when it comes to a better personal comfort.

It’s important that, prior to the final choice of a specific model, you test it over a mattress with the same features like the one you use every night. Remember that usually a certain adaptation period is needed before you get used to the comfort of the products.

Es importante antes de elegir un modelo, probar el producto en un colchón similar al que uno va a usar todos los días. Se debe tener en cuenta que hay un periodo de adaptación de unos días al producto en el cual uno tiene que probar diferentes posiciones hasta acostumbrarse.

Concerning our "Classic" pillows, we suggest choosing the size of your old pillow. For single beds we generally recommend 60 cm (23.6") or 70 cm (27.6") "Classic" shaped Sensorial® pillow . For double beds up to 140 cm (55.1") wide the 70 cm (27.6") "Classic" will be perfect. For wider beds such as king-size or even bigger, we suggest the 80 cm (31.5") "Classic" model.

The American Sensorial® model, is recommended to those persons that for a firm, high pillow.

If you are looking for something that apart from being of good and soft support for your body even looks tasteful, Sensorial® Spring is the right choice.


The choice of a good mattress is a rather confusing task.

Many times we ask ourselves what is the meaning of the different layers and if they are really useful or not. There are pocket-spring mattresses, individual pocket mattresses, full foam slab mattresses, multi layer foam mattresses, etc.

It is very important the choice of a right mattress in order to be able have a good rest and to stand the stressing present life.

A good mattress will help you sleep well, and will take care of your spinal column, vertebrae, and lumbars.

Sensorial developed a new kind of superior density FIT-FOAM® foam (50 kg/m3 (3.10 lb/ft3) mattresses. It also has high elasticity which provides a truly higher durability, without any deformations in time. FIT-FOAM® foams are open cell giving a proper air ventilation (breathability) through it.

FIT FOAM® foam keeps a high spinal column support, while contouring to the body shape due to its high elasticiy.

It’s simple. Sensorial® mattresses: Technology+Simplicity and Beauty.

Which benefits do these mattresses have?

- High spinal column support without any hardness feeling.

- Great comfort.

- Excellent ending and aesthetics.

- Contours to the body shape.

- Excellent durability without any deformation in tim.

- Open cell foam structure provides proper air circulation (breathability)

- Hypoallergenic foam.

Sensorial® produces FIT-FOAM® anda FIT-MEMORY® mattresses. We recommend FIT-FOAM® for people that prefers a firmer mattress. For people that prefers a softer ending we suggest going for the FIT-MEMROY option. It is very important to testing them before any decision. | Copyright © 2015 Sensorial. All rights reserved.

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