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We're living in the 21st century!!! Everyday life is increasingly stressing and demanding . We're living in an accelerated world, where higher physical and mental efforts are needed. In order to be able to perform our everyday activities, in an efficient, and still comfortable way it's essential to sleep excellently well.

We spend a third part of our lives on a mattress and a pillow and, many more hours in front of a computer, or sitting in at a desk or in a car. That's why more and more people are paying more attention to their necessity of a more comfortable sleep and working environment.

Thinking thoroughly about how to satisfy those comfort and rest requirements, by offering innovative solutions, was the kick-off for the first SENSORIAL® line of viscoelastic (or memory foam) foams in Argentina in 2004.

In SENSORIAL® we develop our products with state of the art technology, aimed at offering the maximum relax and pleasure, and -above all- helping you to upgrade your quality of living. We are focused and specialized on special polyurethane foams.

We thoroughly know the technology needed to develop different kind of properties/characteristics such as hardness, memory, density within our wide range of products. It's our commitment to stay ahead of international needs and trends; with a strong focus to people's needs; so as to be able to provide the products that really suit your demands and help to gain a better life quality. | Copyright © 2015 Sensorial. All rights reserved.

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