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Advises for a longer durability of Sensorial® products. All Sensorial® products are produced with the most recognized international raw material suppliers, warranting its quality. In order to enjoy of Sensorial® products in its best condition and for long time it’s convenient to keep in mind the following suggestions:

  • Do not immerse or soak the foams in water.
  • In order to clean, just periodically remove the washable zippered cover, and wash it with cold water.
  • If not used for long periods of time avoid the products to stay twisted, folded, or under heavy weights so as to prevent spot deformations.
  • Keep it in a dry place.
  • Keep the products away from direct sun light.
  • It's normal for the foams to turn yellower within time.


  • Check out that the textile covering of the mattress is in proper conditions before opening the plastic covering.
  • Do not use the mattress with the plastic protective covering in order to prevent moisture accumulation in the product.
  • Always use the mattress over a firm support that also provides proper ventilation to the lower part of it.
  • Never fold the mattress, because this will lead to permanent damages to the product.
  • We suggest the use of a covering to be used over the mattress to prevent stains on the textile covering or the foam of the product.
  • You can clean the textile covering of the mattress by using a dry foam cleaner. Always follow the instructions provided by of the cleaner producer.
  • Although Sensorial mattresses were developed having in mind a long lasting resistance over normal use, never stand or jump over the mattress. The high concentrated weight over a small part of the mattress may lead to a permanent damage of it.
  • When you move the mattress, do not pick it up from the sewing seams so as to avoid them to be torn. | Copyright © 2015 Sensorial. All rights reserved.

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