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Why buying Sensorial® products?

Sensorial® products are made of very high quality viscoelastic foam, that brings you an unusual, much better, comfort feeling. Just touching it or pressing your hand over it, you will feel the difference.

Sensorial® pillows are mold injected. This provides a much higher level of support compared to slab cut ones.

Sensorial® products do not smell.

Sensorial® products are hypoallergenic.

We supply a wide range products both in size and shape, that ensure every person to find his desired choice.

We produce using CFC’s Free technology, thus, not affecting the ozone layer.

We produce special products, with no metal catalizers, and with MDI based technology. So, this way we take care not only of you, but also of our employees and the environment.


High spinal column support without any hardness feeling.

Great comfort.

Contours to the body shape.

Excellent durability without any deformation in time.

Open cell foam structure provides proper air circulation (breathability).

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